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Our Mission

To provide the Complete Logistics Solution from the very first to the last mile of the supply chain process everywhere.

Our Vision

To become integral part of your customers’ planes and processing and fulfill their sourcing and distribution needs.

our objectives

Our quality policy is focused on eight principles and is the foundation of our management systems. Customer Focus

Customers are the center of CLC focus. They set the standards for performance, reliability, and service. Our Customers define the quality we are expected to deliver.


Our goal at CLC is to effectively interview and hire qualified candidates into our organization and then empower them to make measurable impacts on our company's performance.

Our corporate culture also believes in identifying key employees and providing to them pathways for advancement through the use of succession planning. When we do look to the outside to help build our team, our extensive interview process allows us to identify a candidates key strengths, that enables us to properly position them within our company to best utilize their education, past experience, and critical thinking abilities. At CLC, Quality is the responsibility of every employee. Every employee must be involved, motivated, and knowledgeable for us to remain successful.

System Approach to Management

By acknowledging that our business is comprised of a group of interrelated processes, we shall identify, understand and ultimately manage them in a systematic manner that will improve our company's results and drive us to meet all our objectives.

Involvement of People

Our associates are the experts in their relative areas, by relying on them to make data driven decisions, we not only empower our employees, but enable the corporation to benefit from their respective talents. Creating a work environment when associates are valued and contribute to the team is a vital factor to our success.

Process Approach

CLC is committed to managing our business as process. With this knowledge, we can focus on each step and its interaction with those downstream of it, in other words utilize the input/output model. Taking this process approach enables us to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that there is seamless execution of all activities.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

We at CLC strongly believe that our suppliers are the experts in their respective fields and therefore, are best qualified to identify areas for improvement. Our close working relationships with our Agents/Suppliers are crucial to the long-term success of our organization. When evaluating potential suppliers, we not only look at the quality of the products or service provided in terms of First Pass Yield and On-Time-Delivery, we extend the evaluation to include competitive position, price, value analysis, technical competence and support, lead times, and customer focus.

By involving our Agents/Suppliers at all stages of and setting clear expectations for quality, cost and delivery, we can work to provide setting Factual Approach to Decision Making

Data is the basis for any decision made within CLC, period. Without considering critical information we cannot ensure effectives choices will be made to achieve the organizations objectives

Continual Improvement

In order for any company to succeed in today's competitive marketplace, they must continue to look for areas of improvement. Through comprehensive audits (internal, external, customer, and supplier) we continually strive to identify areas when improvement may be needed. Our documented corrective and preventive action system have proven to be an effective tool in driving continuous improvement throughout all areas of CLC.

Our Services